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Our playscapes are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your childcare facility, utilizing premium materials for enduring quality and a delightful experience. Through our expert installation services, you can trust that the playscape will provide lasting joy and entertainment for the children under your care.



Our carpentry services offer a variety of tailored solutions to meet the outdoor requirements of your childcare facility. Specializing in crafting custom garden boxes, decks, forts, and cubby houses, we aim to enhance the outdoor experience for the children in your care. Our adept carpenters collaborate with you to design and create the ideal outdoor space, placing a strong emphasis on the quality of workmanship and meticulous attention to detail.


Synthetic turf is an ideal alternative to natural grass in shaded or high-traffic areas, offering easy installation over various surfaces for compliant play areas. It replaces traditional surfaces like mulch and sand, providing UV resistance for lasting color and a consistently neat appearance with little upkeep. Play The Wilde specializes in installing Australian-made synthetic turf across South East Queensland and beyond, ensuring professional, high-quality results in every project.


 Play the Wilde specializes in Rubber Softfall and Surfacing across Australia, using recycled rubber from shredded tyres. Our product comes in various colors, allowing for custom installations to match any project or brand. We ensure our rubber softfall meets Australian Standards for safety around play equipment, demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety in every installation.


At Play the Wilde, we're passionate about crafting landscapes that harmonize with nature and captivate people of all ages. Our landscape architect specialize in playscape design for childcares, schools and public parks, seamlessly blending creativity with practicality and supporting construction teams every step of the way. Our commitment to Australian playground standards ensures safety and quality in every project.




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